Retail Meats


Our Local Meats are all raised in Vermont & New Hampshire.

These are not Organic Meats. All local meat sold is raised and processed right here in Vermont and New Hampshire.


All orders need to be placed before 12 pm on Friday for the following week.



Our own Made in house Smoked Cheddar. $6.83lb

Local Meats


Whole Pigs


60lb-80lb                  $3.89lb

80lb +                        $2.99lb


Boneless Skinless Pork Bellies       $5.89lb

Boneless Pork Butt                          $5.99lb





Boneless Ribeye                              $16.95lb

Brisket                                               $5.89lb

Strip loin                                            $15.89lb

Tenderloin                                        $19.50lb




Meats Raised Outside of VT/NH




Pork Bellies Boneless Skinless                  $5.69lb

Boneless Pork Butts                                    $4.59lb


Whole Chickens (8 head minimum)           $1.99lb

Boneless Breast                                          $2.99lb









Other Cuts are available. Please call 802-498-4550